Training; Group 8 combined training day Sunday 10 September
As resolved at our last meeting, we will meet at the Windellama Fire-shed at 11.00am for a General Meeting , sausage sandwich and briefing. We will leave the Fire-shed for Training with other Group 8 Brigades at about 12.15 and don’t expect to be back at the fire-shed ‘til after 4.00 pm.

The below graphs are of 3 local weather stations showing live Fire Danger Index (FDI) Information
If you look at the FDI Monitor you will see it change dynamically throughout the day. A sudden change in local weather contitions>
will cause the Fire Danger Index to change. ( If it reaches 80 this may be a good trigger for your Bushfire Survival Plan !)
(If you only see a login screen below.... try using google Crome as your web browser to see the FDI Charts)

You can get further local weather info at
* New -
- Live weather around the Southern Tablelands Zone

For the latest Windellama Weather on IPhone & Android visit

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