Windellama Rural Fire Brigade - Captains Report



We have only had the one incident since last meeting, a running grass fire at Gundary. This incident highlighted the need for members to let us know when they are not going to be available as some time was spent trying to contact two deputies, one being in Sydney and the other closer but not contactable.

The new Training Calendar is out for STZ for 2012

Slow progress is being made with the Fire Trails. A lock is to put on the Chugga trail at the Jerralong Road end shortly. When we have ascertained the new owner's identity at Blanketburn it is hoped our lock can be refitted to that gate way again.

Windellama 9 has been given its 'Initiation' by Firecom and has been fitted with a new PMR and UHF Radio plus new heavy-duty rear springs.

I would like to wish you all a very enjoyable time with family and friends during the Festive period ahead.

Until January, Cheers Rex