Windellama Rural Fire Brigade - Permit Information

A Permit to Burn is required for all fires lit in the open (except cooking fires) during the declared Bushfire Danger Period. The declared Bushfire Danger Period is from the 1st October through to the 31st March, although that can be varied according to the season.

All variations to the Bushfire Danger Period are advised in the Windellama News and will be featured prominently on this website.

Even if a permit is not required, the law requires that the adjoining landholders and responsible fire agency be given at least 24 hours notice before lighting a fire. Failure to give notice, or obtain a permit may result in a penalty of up to $5500 and/or 12 months imprisonment.

Section 100 of the Rural Fires Act 1997 requires that the person who lit the fire must be in attendance until the fire is extinguished. Penalties may be up to $110,000 and/or five years in prison. A private landholder must also obtain any other environmental approvals required .