Windellama Rural Fire Brigade - Presidents Report


Fellow Volunteers, Members and
Friends of the Windellama community,
It is a privilege to write as an elected member of the Windellama Rural Fire Brigade, Executive team.

In the words of our new safety campaign "We know how catastrophic bushfires can be and with one of the worst fire seasons in years predicted, we have a range of new measures in place to help you Prepare, Act & Survive. You can learn more just by visiting us, or check our website

The NSW Rural Fire Service is the world's largest fire service with over 70,000 volunteer members, providing emergency services to over 95 percent of NSW. The Windellama Rural Fire Brigade members serve the community in an area covering some 726 square kilometres, one of the larger Brigade Areas in our Zone.

With such a large area of responsibility we truly say "Welcome" to our newer Members and to anyone who is considering volunteering. The majority of training within the NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) is linked to national qualifications. We are a Registered Training Organisation. (Our RTO Registration Number is 6970).You can be assured of learning a wide range of valuable new skills. Regular training is held in the afternoon of the 4th Saturday of almost every month. Everyone in the Windellama community is invited to join in.

Thank you, to each one of our Volunteer Fire-fighters, Training personnel, Catering officers, Equipment officers, Communications, Treasurer, Brigade Secretary and Safety Officers, and all the other supporters and helpers, for your continued work, commitment and sacrifice.
With our extensive grasslands, plantation forests, river canyons, rare native bushlands, houses, schools, churches, farms, businesses and road network, our work continues to involve tasks from attending tragic motor vehicle accidents thru to some very technically challenging fire suppression duties, all year round. We couldn‘t do it without you!

Our 2011 – 2015 Corporate Plan, defines the strategic direction of the NSW Rural Fire Service and our Brigade over the next four year period. It is based on six Key Focus Areas. I am committed to working on and guiding our Executive team‘s planning and reporting framework to:
• Protect People, Property and the Environment
• Lead Coordinated Bush Fire Fighting and Prevention
• Enhance Community Resilience
• Value and Support our Members
• Build Organisational Capability and Sustainability
• Foster Partnerships (e.g. with other Emergency Service Agencies and Community Groups)

We really do need your help, participation and ongoing support if we are to achieve these outcomes over the coming years.
Graham K Kinder